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Organizations and Ministries

Dark to Dawn is developing relationships with people and organizations that have a huge heart for orphans and those that care for them.

Arrow Child and Family Ministries | www.arrow.org
Arrow Child & Family Ministries serves children rescued from abuse by recruiting, training, certifying and supporting Ambassador Families (foster-adopt families) as they provide a nurturing home for a child from a Christian worldview. The ultimate goal of Arrow Christian Foster Care is to facilitate permanency for these children; either through reunification back into a healthy environment with their biological families, or through adoption by the Ambassador Family.

AspiraNet | www.aspiranet.org
For more than 35 years, Aspiranet has been dedicated to creating permanent, lifelong connections for foster children and families located in California. In Ventura County, we also provide a transitional housing program for foster youth, ages 16 to 21. Contact Mindy Schneider at mschneider@aspiranet.org.

Buyamba Uganda Inc. | www.ugandabuyamba.org
Buyamba Uganda Inc. is a nonprofit ministry organized to support the orphaned and forgotten children of Uganda. We provide for the physical and emotional care and needs of these children, empowering them through ongoing education and spiritual discipleship, to become contributing citizens who will impact the world for Christ. Buyamba supports the vision and work of Pastor Bethuel and Florence Dongo at Buyamba Orphan Outreach and God Cares School, giving these children an opportunity to learn and grow in their faith. It is through education that these children will one day rise above their circumstances. Our sponsors and benefactors are making that way possible.

California Youth Connection | www.calyouthconn.org
California Youth Connection (CYC) is the voice of foster youth in our community. CYC is guided, focused, and driven by current and former foster youth, with the assistance of other committed community members. CYC Chapters in counties throughout the state identify local issues and use grassroots and community organizing to create positive change. To get in touch with the Ventura County chapter, contact venturachapter@calyouthconn.org.

Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families | www.casapacifica.org
Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families is a crisis-care and residential treatment facility for abused, neglected, or at-risk children in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The agency is the largest non-profit provider of children’s mental health services in both counties and administers a number of community-based programs which are designed with the intent to strengthen families and keep children in their homes. For more information about Casa Pacifica Center for Children and Families, visit its website or call the Development Department at (805) 445-7800.

Chinese Children Adoption International | www.chinesechildren.org
Chinese Children Adoption International has been the largest China-only adoption agency in the USA and has found loving homes for over 8,500 abandoned Chinese children since 1992. In recent years, we have expanded our adoption programs to included Haiti and Ethiopia because of the extra-ordinary need to which we felt we must respond. CCAI exists to find permanent homes for homeless children, provide humanitarian support to children living in the orphanages, and offer cultural and emotional support to adopted children.

HOPE4Kids Festival & Run | www.hope4kids.myevent.com
This annual event is a ministry of Raising Hope, Inc., which partners with Ventura County Children & Family Services, Living Oaks Community Church and a variety of community groups to raise awareness of the need for foster parents and also to raise funds to provide financial assistance to local foster families and foster youth.

Kids and Families Together | www.kidsandfamilies.org

Kids & Families Together is a Ventura County-based, not-for-profit support, education and counseling resource center that provides services for individuals and families in foster care, kinship care and adoption, for the preservation of families and the physical, emotional and mental health of children.

Koinonia Family Services | www.kfh.org
Koinonia Family Services is a premier foster and adoption agency with offices throughout California and Nevada. You can partner with us by becoming a foster parent or adopting a child. Our Ventura County office is located in Oxnard. Contact Sue Hartman at shartman@kfh.org.

Lifesong for Orphans | www.lifesongfororphans.org
Lifesong for Orphans helps provide innovative financial solutions for adoption expenses through interest-free adoption loans, matching grants, etc. Lifesong helps churches to create and launch Church Adoption Funds in churches nationwide. Lifesong also develops in-country orphan care solutions in Ukraine, Zambia, India, Honduras through christian schools, orphanages, transition homes, micro-business, etc.

Loving Shepherd Ministries | www.loving-shepherd.org
In response to the love of Christ, Loving Shepherd Ministries is committed to placing children around the world into permanent, loving Christian families. LSM does this by providing highquality resources to US Christian couples in the beginning stages of adoption at no cost. LSM also works through indigenous churches to place children into families in Haiti and Ethiopia via our Homes of Hope program. In addition, LSM is committed to combating systems that result in child slavery and female exploitation.

Milestones – Celebrating the Achievements of Foster Youth | www.milestonesvc.org
Milestones is held each year in Ventura County. The Milestones event typically includes a keynote speaker, dinner, music, and a photo booth, as well as gifts and prizes for the foster youth being honored. The invitation to be honored at Milestones applies to all foster youth, age 18 and older, who have ever been in foster care in Ventura County at any time. For foster youth, Milestones is designed to encourage you to take the time to see how far you’ve come, and also to look ahead to the challenges and big decisions you’ll be facing.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions | www.nightlight.org
Nightlight® Christian Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency based in Southern California, offering adoption programs for the tiniest of children (embryos), providing free counseling and support to young women facing a crisis pregnancy who may decide to place their baby for adoption, and helping many children worldwide—toddlers on up to teenagers—who dream of a forever family of their own. Nightlight provides humanitarian aid to children in orphanages throughout the world, most recently starting an orphanage in Uganda to help some of the many little ones left orphans as the result of war and disease.

Ventura County Children and Family Services Foster Care Program | fostervckids.org 
Ready to make a difference in the life of a child? Foster VCKids has all the information and support you will need to find out about becoming a foster parent in Ventura County.

Ventura County Office of Education | www.vcoe.org
The Foster Youth Services (FYS) division is a tremendous resource for foster parents, foster youth or advocates to get helpful information and resources on elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges. FYS also recruits and trains “educational rights holders” for foster children or youth who need an education advocate to stand in place of ther parents. Contact Laura Welbourne at fys@vcoe.org.

Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information
Adoption, Orphans, Foster Care