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Our Story

Dark to Dawn is a ministry that was, in hindsight, birthed many years ago.  

I traveled on a short-term mission trip to China in 2000.  While we were in the airport in Hong Kong awaiting a flight into mainland China, a gentleman from our team shared with me pictures of his two Chinese-born granddaughters.  In a moment God touched my heart.  I was changed forever.

During that trip we never visited a Chinese orphanage – I didn’t need to.  I fell in love with the people of China and grew in understanding of the needs of the physically and spiritually impoverished.  When I came home I began reading about the plight of Chinese orphans.  It was at this time that I began an ongoing conversation with a dear friend, Danielle, about what we could do to care for the orphans.  But, before we would arrive at caring for orphans she and I would be on a God-ordained road that would be curvier than we expected.

Eventually I was married to Scott and we were blessed with three children.  We adopted two of our daughters from China and we have a biological child as well.  God continued to lay the ground work in our lives.  Just as we were experiencing God’s promise to adopt us as His own son and daughter, we adopted our daughters as our own children into our family.  We began to know His love.

The thing is once you see - in the living - an orphan child gazing at you longing for the love that was meant to be theirs, you are changed.  And, thankfully, you can never be changed back.  I have two daughters who were once orphans, but will never be again. They are a joy and a gift.  And, in my family, we experience God’s redemption story through adoption everyday.  This is the kind of redemption story we long to bring to more orphans, more families, and more believers.

It is a magical season as we are finding many like-minded friends.  We are blessed to come along side others whose hearts are growing in concern to care for the orphans.  We are privileged to partner with those who are already taking action and, with them, we hope to share this blessing with those who will also bring hope for orphans far and near.

I have always had an insatiable desire to advocate for “the fatherless.”  Our time has come.  It is written in Hosea 14:3 “…for in you the fatherless find compassion.” 

Would you join us?  Would you be the one in whom a child finds compassion?

In Him,

Ashlee Harry

June, 2009

Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information
Adoption, Orphans, Foster Care